Firearms CertificatePort d’Armes

You may only possess a firearm if you have been granted a firearm certificate by the Connétable of the Parish in which you live (see the Firearms (Jersey) Law 2000 The only exemptions are air weapons designed for use underwater and air weapons with a muzzle energy of less than one foot-pound.

A firearms certificate is also required for ammunition for a firearm (this does not include cartridges containing five or more shots, none of which exceeds .23 of an inch in diameter, ammunition for an air weapon, and blank cartridges not exceeding one inch in diameter measured immediately in front of the rim or cannelure of the base of the cartridge – please ask for further details if you are unsure).

Complete the ‘Application for a Firearm Certificate’, available from your Parish Hall, to apply for the:

  • Grant or renewal of a firearm certificate – you must provide two referees (details of those who may act as referee are on the application form). A firearm certificate is valid for five years and costs £45
  • Variation of your name or address on your firearm certificate
  • Variation of firearms or ammunition details on your firearm certificate – the charge for a variation (if the total number of firearms increases) is £20; there is no charge if you are reducing the number of firearms held.

The holder of a firearm certificate must comply with all conditions imposed including –

  • notify the Connétable of any change in her/his place of residence (use the change my name or address online service or complete and return the form Change of name or address)
  • at all times store the firearm and ammunition to which the certificate relates in a secure manner so as to prevent, as far as reasonably practicable, access to the authorised firearm or ammunition by an unauthorized person;
  • take reasonable precautions for the safe custody of the firearm and ammunition when they are in use.

Every firearm certificate holder or applicant who is or proposes to be engaged in field sports, pest control or rough shooting must provide proof of third party liability cover before the firearm certificate is granted or renewed. Cover is required as follows:

  • £2,000,000 if shooting on your own land; or
  • £10,000,000 if shooting on land belonging to another person.

Insurance is available through the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (; the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (; household insurance policy (this will usually only provide £2,000,000 cover) or a business insurance policy for a pest control business. A condition will be added to the firearm certificate requiring the holder to maintain such insurance cover; failure to do so will be a breach of conditions and may be grounds for the Connétable to revoke or partially revoke the firearm certificate.

Read about how an application for a firearms certificate is processed –