Liquor LicencePèrmîns d’Litcheu

Applications for the grant of a liquor licence are made to the Treasurer of the States and are then forwarded to the Parish as the Connétable must convene a Parish Assembly to enable parishioners to comment on the application.

The comments made at the Parish Assembly are conveyed to the Licensing Assembly who will determine the application.

Any parishioner who speaks at a Parish Assembly on a licence application may then address the Licensing Assembly on that application.

A liquor licence is granted for one year and will expire on 24 December.

An application to renew a liquor licence for a further period of 1 year must be made to the Treasurer of the States between 5 October and 5 November inclusive. Applications to renew a liquor licence are not referred to a Parish Assembly. To make an application please refer to

Where a licensed manager is required for the premises, or there is to be a change of manager, the company concerned is advised to consult with their legal representative who will then inform the Connétable of the details so the relevant formalities may be completed.

To be assessed for the grant of a licence or to be registered as a manager/deputy of licensed premises please complete and return the “Licensing law self-declaration for managers” (below); you will need to provide proof of identity, references and a basic disclosure from Disclosure Scotland.