1st Branchage Date Parish of Grouville Friday, 1st July, 2022

Your Roadside Plants and Hedges, Trees and Banks
a guide to the “branchage law”(1) for property occupiers(2)
The “branchage law”(1) makes roads and footpaths (‘footpaths’ includes pavements) safer for all who use them.
It achieves this primarily by requiring that the width of roads and footpaths is not restricted by vegetation.
All occupiers of property (2) bordering public roads and public footpaths in Jersey are obliged by law to trim
any vegetation growing on the property that encroaches over the road or footpath, so that it no longer
encroaches. A minimum clearance of 12 feet above all public roads and 8 feet above public footpaths and
pavements is required, measured vertically from the point at which the surface of the road or footpath meets
the property (see drawing). The law requires that all cuttings must be removed.
On two occasions every year, parish officials tour their parishes to ensure that the law has been observed. If
occupiers have not complied, they are liable to a financial penalty (3) and instructed to undertake the work. If
the work is still not carried out, the parish authorities may arrange for it to be done by a contractor at the
occupier’s expense.
These official “Visites du Branchage” inspections take place during a 3-week period from 24 June and from 1
September, the exact dates being published in the Jersey Gazette at least a week before the first Visite.
Irrespective of these specific Visites du Branchage, it is the duty of the Connétable, at all times, to have all
impediment branchage (literally “branches”) and other obstructions or nuisance removed from the public
roads, with similar penalties applicable to those who do not comply.

  1. Loi (1914) sur la Voirie and amendments. Branchage is pronounced “brawkaaj”.
  2. The occupier of buildings or land is responsible but, for multiple occupancy properties, it is the company (if the
    property consists of share transfer flats) or the association of co-owners (if the property is flying freehold).
  3. Currently up to £100 per infraction.