Gazette Notice

Published by Parish of Grouville

Type Parish Notice

Date Published 12 April 2022

An Assembly of the Principals and Electors of the Parish will be held in the Parish Hall on Thursday April 21st 2022 at 7.15pm to conduct the following business;

  1. To receive and if deemed advisable approve the Minutes of the Parish Assemblies held on the 2nd December 2021 and 24th February 2022.
  • To Elect 1 Vingtenier for the Vingtaine De La Rue
  • To Elect 1 Officier Du Connetable for the Vingtaine de Longueville

The Minutes of the previous Parish Assembly are available from the Parish website- or they can be collected from the Parish Hall.

JE Le Maistre


12 April, 2022