Gazette Notice

Parish Assembly

Meeting to be held at 7.00pm on Monday, 17 October 2022 at Grouville Parish Hall


An Assembly of the Principals and Electors of the Parish will be held in the Parish Hall on Monday, 17 October, 2022 at 7.00pm to conduct the following business: –

  1. Apologies.
  2. To receive and if deemed advisable approve the Minutes of the Parish Assembly held on 22 August 2022.
  3. To present the accounts (Financial Statements) for 2021/22 as approved by the Accounts Committee and Auditors.
  4. To decide on proceeding with the proposed recycling scheme, the merits of which were debated on 14 October 2021.
  5. To present, and the Assembly to approve, the Estimates (Budget) of the Parish of Grouville for the financial year 2022/23
  6. To approve a Parish Rate for the financial year 2022/23.
  7. To elect the Accounts Committee for 2022/23.
  8. To appoint the Parish Auditors.
    The Minutes of the previous Parish Assembly, as well as the minutes of the Assembly held on 14 October 2021, are available at the Parish Hall and at Alternatively, please contact the Parish’s Customer Services Team who will be happy to email you a copy.

6 October 2022

Mark A Labey, Connétable