Message from the Government – La Collette Waste Facilities

Dear Customer,

To ensure the safe reopening of the La Collette Waste facilities, and allow for the clearance of debris from Storm Ciaran, customers are required to adhere to the standard acceptance criteria for the disposal of waste.

To minimise any delays at the sites, please ensure that material is separated appropriately, as this will ensure the team can manage the sites as efficiently as possible.

              Commercial & Municipal             

Energy Recovery Facility – Normal operations for Tipping Hall for receipt of Municipal and small commercial loads. Bulky Waste and Commercial Recycling customers are required keep material separated to reduce waiting times.         

Commercial Green Waste – Normal operations general storm debris to be kept separate from Green Waste.

Inert Waste Reception – Normal operations clean inert material to be kept separated from general storm debris.

Waste Metal Facility – Normal operations.

Household – We expect to be very busy with customers attending the sites with Storm debris, to prevent delays please only come if necessary.

Household Recycling Centre – Normal operations however with wind speeds still forecast to be high throughout the day large items (whole fence panels etc) will not be accepted.

Household Green Waste – Normal operations clean green waste only.

Waste Metals Facility – Normal operations.

Waiting times may be longer than normal and customers are requested to adhere to guidance from site staff.