Parish Rates – Message From the Connétable

Dear Parishioner,

I write to provide an update on the late issue of the Parish Rates for 2023.

This is largely due to an ongoing Financial Review Working Group that was set up to examine our financial practices and processes.

I have apologised for the lateness of this review which had to be put in place before we could finalise the figures for the year up to 30th April 2024 and proceed with our roof project.

This is entirely my responsibility, but we are striving to call the rates assembly as soon as possible.

I had hoped that we could start the review much earlier in the year, but I found it much more challenging to convene the right people at the right time.

We were extremely fortunate to recruit three experienced and capable people for this team, and they have been incredibly helpful and generous in donating their valuable time to this endeavour.

The rates assembly is likely to be the middle to end of November, with the bills going out soon after that.

We will be sending a note through the post to all parishioners in advance of this assembly.

All of these matters had to be concluded in an order that allowed us to embark on the second largest capital project in our history, the repair of the Parish Hall roof, which we are doing without burdening the rate payer.

I hope our parishioners will forgive this delay, safe in the knowledge that they have not been asked to finance this project at this time.

Mark A. Labey

Connétable of Grouville